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Hi, I’m Alix and I want to help you rediscover your health!

I provide personalised nutritional programmes, weight loss programmes and 1:1 health coaching programmes. I also provide recipe ebooks and meal plans. I will work with you to rebalance any body systems that need support – the body is very complex and underlying issues may need addressing before we can work on eradicating the symptoms you have – even including weight loss!

I believe that healthy food should be quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious. I am constantly developing new recipes along these lines. In fact, I have worked in recipe development within the food industry for many years.

My Story

I have had a passion for understanding the effect of food on the body since my school years and completed a degree in Human Nutrition at university. I originally trained as a dietician but decided that this approach was not right for me as I believe in a personalised, holistic approach where there is no 1 diet that fits everyone (as there certainly isn’t!).

So after working for many years in the food industry I decided to renew my nutrition knowledge with a 3yr diploma in Nutritional Therapy. The Nutritional therapy approach is holistic and works to understand the underlying causes of the symptoms you have.

I love what I do and look forward to supporting you on your journey

My Approach

I like to focus on what you can eat and not what you can’t. If exclusions are needed I will work with you to find healthy alternatives. I can also support with specific supplement plans if indicated. The process will involve an in-depth initial consultation followed by several follow up sessions (dependant on the programme you select). I will be there to support you through the process to keep you accountable and on track to achieve the results you desire.

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Kind words from those I have worked with.

“Alix has been a tremendous support in keeping my healthy eating on track and recommending supplements to help me feel my best. She is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to get well naturally.”

“You have literally saved my life. Everything is going in the right direction. I had a cold few weeks ago but I got out of it without any problems. I have also reduced my inhaler by half, 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I also started going to the gym. I feel so much better. Thank you very much for all your help and support. You really have changed my and my family’s life!”

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